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Maximizing income while respecting the environment and nature in general is the goal that every farmer looks for in the technical means of cultivation and in particular in the seed. Allseeds is synonymous with High Quality, because all the processes for the realization of the packaged seed are the result of a technologically advanced and rigorously controlled supply chain in every production phase.   Starting from the choice of the best growers for the sowing of the reproduction fields, from the sowing operations carried out by specialized personnel, to the chemical treatments with products with very low environmental impact and to the control of the exact moment for harvesting, we obtain a raw seed of the highest quality. germinative and vigorous at the highest level. Through R&D, field experience and customer confirmations, Allseeds has developed its own tanning formulation to offer its growers the ability to achieve the income maximization they absolutely need. In fact, by inserting at the time of tanning a specially dosed and studied formulation containing the best fungicide and an excellent stimulant, the true excellence of the hybrid corn seed is obtained with: 
  Rapid and uniform emergence with reduced losses for an ideal number of plants
-  More developed root system and consequent better stability and assimilability
-  The formulation called ORO Plus is offered on the varieties that can objectively draw the most 
   benefit from this type of formulation .

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