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The damage caused by birds affects an increasing area of arable land every year with increasing economic losses. Corn is the crop most affected by this problem. The nature of the damage and losses can be severe, particularly as control options are limited to empirical methods such as bird scaring (very short effect), treatments with chemical repellent molecules are not currently possible.

Therefore, the solution adopted by ALLSEEDS becomes interesting, treating the seed with a new formulation ofDissuader for granivorous birds. It is the combination of completely natural active ingredients  non-toxic for bees and wild pollinators (bumblebees and bees) and not even for hymenoptera, lepidoptera, coleoptera and diptera. The product is not toxic to humans or to aquatic and terrestrial animals and is 100% biodegradable.  There  new formulation  emanates  a set of particularly intense smells and flavors and exerts its dissuading action by producing inappetence of the crop towards granivorous birds and wild boars making the seed unpleasant. The activity of DEFENDER is lasting and its persistence is enhanced in a humid environment while it is mortified by drought. Remember that DEFENDER is a bollard  of natural origin and therefore subject to different responses depending on the microenvironment in which it carries out its action.

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Organic bird deterrent treatment


It is an organic, stimulating and nutritious deterrent product that produces a lack of appetite for the crop towards granivorous birds and wild boars due to its effect on the sense of smell, generating an unpleasant environment. It also incorporates a natural aroma of magnolia that reminds them of the smell of predator nests by neutralizing the attraction of birds and wild boar towards crops.

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