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The Company and its success

Allseeds, established thanks to the will and experience of established technicians in the seed sector, intends to offer Italian and foreign farmers a complete range of innovative and high quality seed products The continuous evolution of the market, the growing attention of consumers to health and food aspects, the needs of farmers in terms of production and agronomics have stimulated Allseeds to make available varieties of cereals, corn and soy and other highly competitive crops. The already extensive variety offer of Allseeds has been expanded with the exclusive introduction of sorghum varieties, from grain and forage, of technologically advanced sunflowers and a wide range of forage products to improve the offer to breeders in general, as well to mixtures of cereals, to balance the agronomic, qualitative, energetic and milling characteristics of the different components. To achieve these ambitious goals, Allseeds makes use of the collaboration of PLANTA, a leading company at national level in experimentation, multiplication and maintenance in purity of corn, MOMONT and RGT seeds for straw cereals and soybeans as well as its own experimentation and collaboration with institutes such as ERSA.


The activity of genetic research is the mission that Allseeds has adopted through the many national and international collaborations and not least its experimentation in the field. By developing research in environments intended for the cultivation of various crops, it obtains hybrids and varieties of specific interest for production and resistance to diseases, providing farmers with the best choice according to the needs and characteristics of their area.

The international collaboration with the major providers of genetic resources allows genetic improvement activities to obtain and achieve new objectives with new and increasingly performing varieties in a shorter time.

In  improvement come  adopted  different methods of selection (excluding molecular genetic modification) with the sole objective of obtaining the maximum genetic gain. 

Development and sustainability

Sustainable agriculture is desirable for every inhabitant of  this our planet. From an environmental point of view, we mean an agriculture that respects natural resources such as water, soil fertility, biodiversity, and the desired, when possible, reduction in the use of low environmental impact pesticides. Economically sustainable agriculture must also be beneficial to the farmer by promoting a fair income, protecting the health of the operator and improving the quality of life of farmers and society as a whole.

Allseeds and the companies it collaborates with have embraced these philosophies by applying them to technological development in research and to the sustainability of the entire production chain starting from

seed production field to sowing field in  farm.

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